Sunday, 18 November 2012

Treize jours plus tard.

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Hi there!
Just wanted to make a quick update.

I hope you all had a great weekend so far.
The last 2 weeks were a bit hectic for me. Lots of work to do... some mild insomnia here, some new last minute Freelance Commishs to work on.
Then I had to go twice for the job interview. Once at the Library & once at the Principal of the School in which the Library is located.
AND I found out, that there are some yummy male Teachers my age. *nudge nudge*

As I said, a hectic yet very rewarding time.
Which does mean I had to postpone the new batch of Facebook Covers, that I was working on.
Sorry 'bout that. :D

I wish you all a great start into the new week!


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Monday, 5 November 2012

Nokta reads... 10/2012

It looks like I might become a 'hot' Librarian in the near future. ;)
(I want to apply for that as a second job, on the side, since my mornings tend to be so boring & of course because of the amount of extra income)
So please wish me luck on Wednesday, when I go to the job interview, all you Lovelies!

Bag of Bones - Stephen King
I already read this book circa 2 year ago in german. This time I took an english paperback Edition from our Library with me... and I have to say, it's just as good as it was the first time, if not better for the original language in which it is written really gives off the right vibe.
This is not just horror or supernatural, it's about loss & how one copes with the aftermath, plus some scary shite or it would not be from King, right!?
There where moments where I just wanted to reach into the damned page and give the poor guy a good clap on the back.

Im Morgengrauen ([Part 2 of 3] of Skeleton Crew) - Stephen King
I read a ¼ of this book (which means the biggest 1 of those 6 stories) around 2+ decades ago when I was small, and mostly had forgotten about it. The story was called 'the Mist', a great piece which has been made into a movie a few years ago.
After reading the other 5 stories of it, I feel like he should have cut out 2 of the shorter ones, 'Here There Be Tygers' & 'Morning Deliveries · Milkman 1'. They were meak & unneeded in this otherwise good book.
One more thing I know after reading many, many Books of his is that King really should only write short stories. They're his best!

Die siebte Nacht (La septième Nuit / The 7'th Night) - Alina Reyes
This was the tawdriest, poorest piece of Porn, which I have ever read. Everything veiled under the label of Art. Don't get me wrong, Porn is okay every now and then... but don't label it as sublte Erotica if it's cheap Smut. (I've read much better Fanfic Slash Stories)
Except for 6 to 7 pages, this was written very badly. I had the feeling as if the Author was on a constant bad trip while working on this.

Dshamilja (Джамиля [Djamilya]) - Chingiz Aitmatov (Чингиз Айтматов)
I wasn't very satisfied with the book, 'cause I had expected more of it. Still I had a good time reading it.
It pleased me though, whether one is Kyrgyz or Turk, that certain things were just kind of obvious to me. The terms & words were similar to the ones I was taught as a child, kinship as I know it is almost the same.
Being Turkic means, in the end everyone's from the same Proto-Tribe, you know?
Whether Man or Woman, from a small Town or big City, Azeri or East-Uyghur, give us an At or an Ok & Yay... und we learn in the shortest amount of Time what to do.
It's in our blood, even if you're only of mixed-race like me. :)

Der Fremde (L'étranger [The Stranger/The Outsider]) - Albert Camus
This book was one of the few bitter disappointments of the year. The main character was rather dull than lethargic. So a real dunce... which I am, too, since I did read this to the end. *bleh*
Not recommended for people with little free time!

Uhrwerk Orange (Clockwork Orange) - Anthony Burgess
Oh, Alex how I hate you, you little Perv.
If you had been my Son, I would have given you so many good beatings until you would not even have been able to think of using your britva on people or playing the In-out-in-out game with unwilling 10 year olds!
This Book was great & while people might have laughed at Burgess in 1962, there sure are more than just a few Alex's out there in our Western world in 2012!

Oh, one more thing. Anyone wants to recommend me a good Book?
I am in need of more variety, concerning my future to-read List. Thank you in advance.
Fave Genres are Horror, Gore, Magic Realism, Thriller & Science Fiction... to name a few.


P.S.: Welcome to my new Friendly Stalkers & thank you for the nice comments & your awesome blogs, which are most entertaining to me!

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