Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Forced Hiatus

If you read this, then I still may not have my Internet back. I am trying to change my Internet service provider because of difficulities. (They do not keep up with the conditions but still want money, so I'll toss them out)

as said above

Until then I would like to highlight just a few of my 'old' Acquaintances here on Blogger.
People who are quite inspirational to me for some time and/or whose (online)-presence I value. ;)

Yuminess and beautiful photgraphs ahead ->; Janis N. @ Pinecone Camp

Informative posts and Travels -> DUTA @ Places with Character

The entertaining loveliness that is her -> Jo @ Majority of Two

 This and that, you can only enjoy her writng -> Indulge Thyself

Get inspired by well dosed post of fashion and interior design -> Shari @ LBD

Love to read from her -> But call me Betsy

You need to take a read here -> Once Upon a Time

Read him now, even though he is also on a Hiatus as it seems -> Richmond Zoo

Interior related posts, she might also be on a Hiatus -> Varnish

Also some shameless self pimping. -> A link to a fun post once a week!

Sorry, if I forgot to add anyone important. I am sure I somehow did. :/
But it's late while I write this scheduled post.

Let's hope I'll be back soon... and before 2012 ends. ;)



  1. And you and your blog are also on my list :)

    Thank you so much, it's very heart-warming. Means a lot to me. I do hope you get your internet back. I likewise had difficulties with internet connections in my corner of the world. Glad it's up and better now. Hope to hear from you soon, Nokta.

  2. Hope to see you back again soon!! I finally am back :)

    Much Love,
    Amy K

  3. Love the post !

    Would you like to follow each other? (: Come follow me and I’ll follow back for sure !
    Strange Obsessions

  4. The Once Upon a Time blog has been deleted. I made this one instead. :)

  5. Dropping by to say hi! I hope this gets to you well :)

  6. Thanks for mentioning my blog. Thank you for your other blog recommandations too; I'll check them out (Like you I'm a follower of A Majority of Two blog).
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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