Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nokta reads … 12/2012

This is the last installment of my wannabe reviews called "Nokta reads" for 2012.
I did read 40 books, though I only set the goal to 18, and most of them were awesome diversions & beautiful to read. On I enroled for the Challenge 2013 with 36 Books this year & hope to read them all and maybe more.

Ein Ring von Tiffany (Chasing Harry Winston) - Lauren Weisberger
This was a major let down after reading her debut "The Devil wears Prada".
Yes, there were a few (very) good laughs, but all in all I thought this books was full of vulgar Sl*ts (sorry, but it's what I think). Most of the book and especially its end felt most like a manual on "How to be a Wh*re in 3 easy Steps".

Das Licht ferner Tage (The Light of other Days) - Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter
If I was a 13 year year old and this book was the hottest person in my School, I would have a huge crush on it. *mrow* Totally! :D~
According to the 'Kirkus Review' at the back of its cover it is, " of those seldom books where one wishes it was longer." -I agree whole-heartedly with this!
You should give it a try, but... it is of the Science Fiction genre and you should be okay with that. Also if you are religious there might be certain bits in the 2'nd half, that you won't be so fond of.

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary - M.R. James
These are 8 short stories and they were of 'Part I', whatever that means.
My top favourites were "The Ash-tree", "Lost Hearts" & "Count Magnus". But all in all I liked each and every of them... some more and a few less. :)
It is a legal, free Book which you can Download here via Gutenberg Project.

The Pearl - John Steinbeck
Alright, Mr. Steinbeck. One more gorgeous book and you will become one of my all time favourite writers, Word!
My copy (an old original in english which did cost 60c back then) has just about 118 pages. The first few pages I was not sure if I really wanted to read this, but after ~15 pages it was hard to put this book away.
The story was very well written and the main premise was one that was not just pure fiction, it really could have happened in real life... which made the end even more of a sad, if predictable, one for me.

The Changing Room - David Storey
Bloody mediocre book with ev'ry bloody 2'nd word being "Bloody" & lots o' Apostrophes!
Like, bloody Lit'rally! :o
'twas bloody easy t'read this bloody Play in a bloody short amount o' time, by jolly!

(Sans the e-book for obvious Reasons)

Thank you to all who accompanied me through this last Year in books.
And thank you to everyone new & old following this blog.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

A belated...

...happy New Year...
(even though we're already 1/28'th into it)

Sorry for the lack of being present... I hope you all had a great last Day of 2012 & partied happily yet safe into the new Year.
Apparently those stupid Mayans weren't the Math hacks, that we thought they were. I sold all my gold & was on a very naughty mid-night party the day before everything should have ended. *joke*

So, I am having the Internet back for a few days... something's terribly wrong with our Legislation.
According to the Law I can not change/leave my current Internet provider even though they charged me extra last year that I neither used nor wanted, time and again.
Which means I have to stay with them until the contract ends of course.... middle of next year! *blergh*
I feel like a mistreated wife who can not get a divorce because her abusive husband is a cop & his friend is the judge! :(

So yeah, I wish you all a great start into the next week & that this Year will bring you that which makes you happy!

Oh, and did I mention that I got the 2'nd job?
I am a Librarian by Day & a Freelance Artist by Night from now on. :D


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