Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tumblr Tuesday III

Even though the occasional ignorance of Westerners, regarding such Interiors as the following, makes them use terms like exotique/oriental/bohemian or even gypsy/indie for those Styles... I have to say that they really have their charm regardless what you might want to call them. Even if you grew up partially in such surroundings as did I.
(Links are below each of the images, should you fancy to Like them on Tumblr and for Crediting of course.)

Please take into account that most of the time people tend to mix up dozens of cultures while decorating. Like Indian with Moroccan... or Turkish with Levantine.
So don't mind that in those images...



  1. I love the first interior, all the items are mixt perfectly, the green pillow, the lamp, orange wall and the sofa are my favs.
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    1. Yes, yes... the first one is my fave, too!!! It's just so perfect, right? ^_^

  2. lovely ideas i must say...i like your blog ....follow mine too and if you like we can follow each other on GFC,bloglovin
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  3. Lovely!

  4. I agree with you! These designs definitely give a home a lot of charm and character:)!

  5. These are some amazing rooms and they do give a home a lot of charm!! The last room is my favorite!



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