Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tumblr Tuesday XVI

I had a very hard day with almost no time for anything besides work, work, work and it was so hot, 34°Celsius... but one thing I was quite aware of today, that I was so hungry but barely ate and that there was a lot of Orange around me today, clothes, food (not for me) and even in the hair of a Punk... :)
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Organic hot Pepper... *hmmm* (Would make some great Ayvar)

Are you hungry yet? Was it hot today, where you live?
I hope you had a great day & enjoyed yourselves!
I'm off to sleep, dreaming of some Oranges...


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Birds, Rice and feeding in general

We've been feeding Great Tits, Eurasian Blue Tits, European Greenfinch & a Common wood pigeon 'Lady'.
And seeing how the Great Tits now bring their children with them to our balcony, a little bit early this year because of the warm winter, to feed them directly is very rewarding. I mean, they trust us! :)

But it made me remember the children of the School Library.
Some of the children at the school can't afford lunch money and only eat small homemade slices of bread with butter.

And that made me think of the way some people diet on their lunch break to fit into their new, over-priced outfit while browsing the web with their smart-phones or their computers at work for this and that... useless things.

Don't get me wrong... buy that new outfit, slim down a bit if you want. But how about you play a game that might educate you while it feeds people.

Rice up against hunger
I do believe, I have posted/talked about this website a few time in different places (Twitter, FB, Real Life, Kısmet & Karma Page, etc...), but would like to mention it again.
Click on the banner above and it will take you there.
You can play just like that... or you can even sign up, then play and look up the amount of grains you have won to feed people.
Whatever you do, just play a minute or two every day or other, you might make a change.

So, it's time for me to change the water for the Birds...
I wish you a great Bergfest(Hump Day)... ;)


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nokta reads 04/2014...

More than a 3'rd of the Year gone and I didn't even get to really do what I wanted this year. Not work-wise... that's all fine, but real life has been really lacking aside from my reading list. :)
But that's okay I guess.

Zwischen Nacht und dunkel (Full Dark, No Stars) - Stephen King
I have always preferred King's short Fictions (Short Stories, Novelettes, Novellas).
This Book is a collection of 4 novellas. The US-american edition from 2011 has a 5'th short story called "Undert the Weather", which unfortunately isn't featured in the German editions.
A farmer writes his confession, but in the end it's up to you if he tells the truth or is just nutters.
Nice one if a bit too drawn-out. Here we encounter King's love-hate relationship with Rats being one of the Antagonists. 
-Großer Fahrer (Big Driver)
A female author takes a short cute back home with her car... which ends quite unexpectedly.
I loved this one!
-Faire Verlängerung (Fair Extension)
A short story of how a pact with the Devil can end with a happy end for the Contractee.
Not bad, I laughed a few good laughs.
-Eine gute Ehe (A Good Marriage)
A woman finds out about a 'Hobby' of her Husband of over 25 years, by accident. And she's not amused.
This was very interesting to read. And the end was quite pleasing.
All in all I was very happy with this Book. I was reading it whenever I had the tiniest amount of free time.

Die 7-Minuten-Buddha-Meditation: Die einfache burmesische Technik für den Alltag [The 7 Minute Buddha Meditation: The simple burmese Technic for everyday life] - Anton Pichler
I don't like to talk bad about dead people, which the Author is, may he Rest in Peace.
BUT, this Book was a major let down in many aspects.
While it was written in an easy & understandable way, there were no real guidelines. And exactly 75% of it were Buddha pictures & big written Mantras like "Strength", "Happiness" and such, which I didn't really need...
The Chapters, if you can call them that, also felt like they had been arranged haphazardly.
I would not recommend it.


I have kind of become addicted to my smart-phone as a reading medium.
Our public library has been online for over 7 months, which is a time-saver for me since I won't have to go there, to borrow the real books.

What about you, do you read books via smart-phone, e-reader or a computer?
Is it a time saver in your opinion?

Have a lovely weekend and keep reading... xo


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tumblr Tuesday XV

I was very, very busy in the past few days and it seems like there is no end... I'm surrounded by possibly the most neediest people in the World these days. So I had no time of my own. (Make some 'Aww' noises for me now, plz.) So today I want to enjoy some inspiring images with Nature & Art in them, in more than one way... ;)
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I hope the coming weeks will be kinder to me... ;)
What do you do, to make yourself forget your busy work-day at the end of the day.
Relaxing surrounded by Nature or with some Artsy stuff?


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