Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Birds, Rice and feeding in general

We've been feeding Great Tits, Eurasian Blue Tits, European Greenfinch & a Common wood pigeon 'Lady'.
And seeing how the Great Tits now bring their children with them to our balcony, a little bit early this year because of the warm winter, to feed them directly is very rewarding. I mean, they trust us! :)

But it made me remember the children of the School Library.
Some of the children at the school can't afford lunch money and only eat small homemade slices of bread with butter.

And that made me think of the way some people diet on their lunch break to fit into their new, over-priced outfit while browsing the web with their smart-phones or their computers at work for this and that... useless things.

Don't get me wrong... buy that new outfit, slim down a bit if you want. But how about you play a game that might educate you while it feeds people.

Rice up against hunger
I do believe, I have posted/talked about this website a few time in different places (Twitter, FB, Real Life, Kısmet & Karma Page, etc...), but would like to mention it again.
Click on the banner above and it will take you there.
You can play just like that... or you can even sign up, then play and look up the amount of grains you have won to feed people.
Whatever you do, just play a minute or two every day or other, you might make a change.

So, it's time for me to change the water for the Birds...
I wish you a great Bergfest(Hump Day)... ;)



  1. Nokta, this is a great cause and it only takes a few minutes... wonderful of you to spread the word :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog... true joy, really exists... I know this because I have felt and I lived it, it was more incredible than I can even explain to anyone... however; the opposite side of that pure joy is sadness beyond anything I ever knew existed... (I have dealt with a great deal of challenges in my life and none compare to that sad dark feeling)

    Since I know that true joy exists... I want it... even though I am terribly afraid of the flip side of it... I have to look for it... because if I don't I will be in this continuous sad state...

  2. Amiga postagem ótima
    Canal de youtube:

  3. I'm impressed. As you've said it - you play a game that educates you while it feeds people around the world. Great idea!

    1. Yes, dear!!
      Instead of playing cards on the computer, people can learn & help... ;)

  4. ohh I know this site and it's really a great site! Not only do we get to help feed other people around the world, we are also able to educate ourselves at the same time!
    I actually might be on this site a lot over the summer so I can keep my brain from rotting (it happens to me when I don't study for a long time!) before going to college hehe!

  5. Hi Nokta, this is a wonderful post with a cause! Nice to be blogging and visiting your blog (one of my favorites) again:)


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