Friday, 6 June 2014

Nokta reads 05/2014...

Oh wow, almost half of the year gone, hm?
I have been reading my way through my annual reading List for 2014.
With a few change here & there.

Colorado Kid (The Colorado Kid) - Stephen King
This Book was not one of his remarkable works.
I was quite disappointed of a book, of which I thought had all the right requirements for one of the better pulp/mystery fictions.
And while it wasn't that bad, I felt let down by King.

Auch du kannst meditieren: Schritt für Schritt zu Klarheit, Gelassenheit und innerer Stärke (The Brightened Mind: A Simple Guide to Buddhist Meditation) - Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu
I still didn't get what I wanted, but when compared... this book on meditation was much better, than the last one from April.
One thing I didn't like, was the way he was trying to sell this book, to rich young mothers, yuppies and/or upper society slackers and the like.
It felt a bit like at one point... take a sip of this hip Decaf double chocolate chip Frappuccino with a spritz of Vanilla Syrup, while reading my book on your newest, over-priced iTelPhone in that useless neon-pink Case... wearing that new Lululimon yoga outfit, hand made by children in the 3'rd World 'cause it's hip... wait, what do you mean that Mermaid-coffee isn't Organic?
You will never be Zen!!!

Englisch im Job: TaschenGuide - Gertrud Goudswaard & Sander Schroevers
I am glad I didn't pay for this one, there weren't a lot of new things in it.
Seems like my Business English is quite good.

(Unfortunately no book photographs, again all were read through my phone...)

I wish everyone a happy & sunny Weekend. What are you going to do, btw?
Here, where I live, we will have a long Weekend. So maybe we will read from each other on my free Monday... *yayz*



  1. Nokta, I wish I had read one book this year... other than blogs, I rarely read anymore... kind of sad coming from a girl who would read 30-40 books per year... sometimes more :)

    I cannot even thank you enough for your comment... I laughed uncontrollably. I guess 'he' lives under a rock... haha... anyone with a brain knew how much I loved him... I never hid the fact but I also knew and wrote that I knew he only wanted to be friends... He is just trying to cover himself because he was flirting pretty heavy with me as his current girlfriend was on the way to be with him... not two days before she showed up.. He is trying to appease her, we all know how long a relationship built on lies will ultimately last... Karma :)

  2. I can't believe we are half way through the year!!! Can we please freeze time?! This getting older thing sucks lol! Anyways, I really need to join your book reading bandwagon! I feel so behind! Have a great weekend hun:)!

  3. Aquela jaqueta é diva! hehehe!

    Bacana a sua lista de leituras! ;D

    Ótimo sábado!

    Beijo! ^^

  4. ekk half the year is gone ! It's such a scary thing to say aloud since it doesn't feel real!
    You read a lot!! That is so good! hehe. I have been reading a lot for school, but now that summer is coming up, I'm not sure if I will keep it up.. I'll definitely try too though!

  5. Amiga amei a dica ótimo post tenha uma semana abençoada.
    Canal de youtube:


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