Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tumblr Tuesday XX

I am not too much into Soccer/Fußball, but with the WC '14 in Brazil I've seen a lot of Buntings in Black, Red & Gold or in Blue, White & Red and such colour combinations in the past few weeks.
So how about non soccer related Buntings this week?
(Links are below the images, if you would like to Like them on Tumblr and for Crediting.)

How are you doing? Do you like Bunting?
I think, I am going to do some myself...



  1. Nokta... I never made a bunting... I don't think I have the patience to still still long enough to make one... they are so cute though... I am sure you will do an amazing job on it... I can't wait to see if if you get a chance to make one :)

  2. I love the pizza bunting. Makes a great party accent.

  3. What a lovely display of bunting!
    I'm much in favour of bunting, flags and all kinds of decorations for all sorts of occasions. I especially like the ones that are hand-made of natural materials such as cotton and silk.

  4. I love the second one Nokta! My sister's bridal shower is in a few days and were trying to do something very similar for the dessert table:)! Thanks for sharing!

  5. It takes a lot of passion, a lot of patience to create such inspirational buntings.

  6. These are some really nice display items! I really love the last one! I think the simple color scheme is pulling me in!



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