Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tumblr Tuesday XXII

I wish I had a clutter free Desk. But unfortunately I am a chaotic mess at home. I barely manage to not mess up my Desk at work, notice the 'barely'... you can spot my Desk from the other end of the open office without knowing beforehand, that is in fact mine. :)
So let's revel in clean Desks, clutter-free & beautiful looking, shall we?
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I hope you had as much fun as I had looking at this visual Deskp0rn. ;)
How does your Desk look, at home and/or at work. Are you a tidy person or rather the chaotic, messy type?

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  1. During work of any kind, I'm messy. Afterwork I usually tidy up the desk/table for the next day.I like to start the day with a neat place.

    1. I envy you... I have a very, very hard time keeping it tidy. ;)
      Thank you for stopping by!!

  2. I am so chaotic... I want to be all clean and organized but then I am constantly looking for things I need... I just end up leaving them out in a pile... I just looked at my desk, it is time for me to straighten it up again... mine is the worst in my office... ugh xox

  3. Amazing post..Well done! I really love your blog. Keep going.
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  4. I'm more a messy type, I like to arrange them, but if I have to do something immediately makes me nervous and... chaotic, after I start new project and those are left behind. When I get tired, I put everything back.


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