Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tumblr Tuesday XXIV

As soon as it gets colder in our Northern Hemisphere I like to 'create sweet stuff'... and of course I like to munch & slurp some of it... :)
But since I don't have the time right now to make yumminess, I only take part in the elimination of it! ^_^
So let's feast our eyes on some selected pieces.
(As always Links are below the images, should you fancy to Like them on Tumblr and for Crediting of course.)

I hope you enjoyed today's Eyegasms...
But just to satisfy my curiousity... which kind of person are you, the creator or destroyer of all that is yummy? ;) -Maybe both?
And what do you prefer in particular right now?



  1. Nokta...if I allowed myself to eat this... I would be the destroyer....I can bake a few items but it definitely looks homemade ;-) xox ♡

  2. Baking is not my best side.
    The cheesecake is making me salivate It goes well with a cup of coffee.
    The schoki and macarons look lovely on the plate. I suppose they're delicious.

  3. Yes! Schoki & Macarons Frühstück! Sonnigen Tag und liebe Grüße


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