Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Weird Word Wednesdays III

μετάνοια - metá·noia
                      after · to perceive
(n.) a fundamental & intentional change in an individual's life

With this word I would like to emphasise the non-religious aspect of its meaning.
Sometimes people have the need to change their life drastically for the better. Maybe because of the dead of a loved one, one's own health or something like that.

This word really fits the process of setting a new mindset and/or change of one's path.
And it also has a nice ring to it by the way.

Did you ever really radically change your outlook or way of life? Did you experience the state of metánoia?

I would really like to know!



  1. I have wanted to radically change my life on a few occasions... then I remember that many people and books state we shouldn't make huge changes quickly after life altering changes... I often wonder if it wouldn't have been better though... xox

  2. daaanke! ich habe gerade deine Nachricht gelesen. ich freue mich. einen sonnigen Wochenende und liebe Grüße

    p.s. my real life-changer was a book called "The Slight Edge".


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