Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Weird Word Wednesdays IV

GümüşSelvi - (gümüş servi) - [گوموش‌سلوی - Ottoman Turkish]
Gümüş · Selvi
       Silver · Cypress
(n.) The reflecting Path of the Moon on the surface of Water.

Yesterday was a Full Moon, the Hunter's Moon, so what would be better than to take a word, that is about the Moon.

Turkic people wax poetic when it comes to this much beloved Celestial Body of theirs.

The literal translation might sound weird at first, but it seems that it really just is what people see in it. The 'Silver' comes from te colour of the moon when it hits the water... and the shape of the reflection resembles a 'Cypress' tree.

Do you agree with this name or is it something else you see in this image of the so called 'Gümüşselvi'?
Or maybe in your culture, or your language, there is a name for that, too? -I would really love to know...

So, now I leave you alone with the full Ay Dede & wish you a beautiful Evening with him in the Sky.



  1. I love viewing the full moon... it has a great beauty to it.. I loved seeing the blood moon last month, I even stayed up for it ♡ xox

  2. Beautiful Ay Ata! There is no similar word in Bulgarian (my native language). One of my best friend comes from Turkey. I love hearing a great song about the Moon while driving together. Sonnige neue Woche und liebe Grüße


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