Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tumblr Tuesday XXVII

I have always had a thing for Asia when it comes to Sports in general. And the Asanas from Yoga, if carried out right, are not just rewarding for the body, but also a beauty to behold for the observer.
Of course some see Yoga as a hyped 'sport' only in the Western World. But it really depends on who practices it... ;)
Most people only know the Downward Dog or Warrior poses. Let's change that & feast on some Eye-Candy.
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I only do some of the easier Āsanas, due to my medical condition, but I like how it feels.
What about you? Do you do yoga, or is it just a hype to you?
Which Pose/Asana is your favourite? ;)
Let me know


P.S.: One more, with a Yogini Kitty trying out some Pose... ;)


  1. I've never did yoga regularly but when I did I loved it... it's very relaxing. I should do it more often as I know the stretching would help my muscles get stretched better... xox ♡

  2. I don't do yoga, I've tried the first you showed but I know I have my limits considering my condition. surgeries by column
    Stretching is good. I did blogilates exercises for a time, now since is winter I will do again.

  3. I'm sorry, I'm not a yoga person, but I'm aware of its great benfits to the human body. In fact, I have great respect to all asian health theories.


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