Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Weird Word Wednesdays VII

hü · ghae
(n.) The fact, that you have it nice and comfortable together.
A simple kind of cosiness.

It is getting colder and you like it more cosy!?
This word, in my humble opinion, is the epitome of cosiness and everything that is part of it.
The Danes have it right! :)
(Though Hygge is not really translatable per se.)

You know, how you just want to sit down and feel happy, enjoy that which is dear to you and just be?
Have 'your' people with you and share that special feeling... with something warm to drink and a few candles? -That's hygge... (or at least, that's what our neighbour country Denmark 'tells' us)

What about you? Ever felt that way?



  1. Nokta, I like this word... I think we all need this feeling... it gets us through the rough days... I hope things are well for you... have a happy day xox

  2. wonderful new word! it's always the right time to anjoy and just be and the weekend ahead makes it even easier :-). liebe grüße und ein Hygge-Wochenende zu dir, Nesrin

  3. Of Course, I felt that way many times,especially in winter wrapped up in a velvety blanket with a hot drink in my right hand. Thanks for the new word.
    Have a cosy,warm Sunday!

  4. Winter is the proper time to this; I enjoy salt bath, hot chocolate, red wines, more social games, movies.
    Have a great time dear!


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