Monday, 31 October 2016

Free November 2016 Desktop Wallpaper Download


So, 5/6 of the Year gone and by now we all know that 2016 isn't what we thought it would be...

So let's make this short and sweet!
November Desktop Calendar. Simple, weird & with pale, fading colours. :)

I wanted to try my hand at a (semi-)pastel piece. With blurred lines between the colours.
I used the Secondary Colours.
Then I created a Polka Dot pattern, which I gave a old paper Texture.
I tried to make it simple & not too warm.
I hope you like it.

But I also hope, that this weird Year ends fast...

Sorry, for being absent... :(


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Free October 2016 Desktop Wallpaper Download


So it's almost October, my month... my favourite Month!!
Autumn is getting better, rainier, colder... :)

And with it all comes a new Desktop Calendar.
This time I wanted to make a loew key piece, since I really just tried my hand on smaller things, partially using traditionally pieces, which I digitalised.

I hand-dyed and aged a new Din A4 size piece of paper then scanned it. I used not just tea, but red cabbage.
I distressed parts of the paper with a tea bag, roughing its texure.
Then I created an aged piece of paper with the same dimensions, but digitally.
Afterwards I did blend both textures together... with old folding marks, scratches and all.
Adding the border and a few extras like the main star sign of the month (according to the Western Astronomy) I tried to give it the last final touches.

I wanted it to be a bit more simplistic, really focusing on mixing different mediae.
I hope you like it.

I have been a bit absent again this month, RL in general was very favourable but also time consuming.
I hope to remedy this soon, so I have a bit more time for this blogging hobby.

What have you been doing?


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Free September 2016 Desktop Calendar


so it's 2/3 of the Year 2016 gone, hm?
Summer's end is nigh, at least meteorologically speaking.
The whole World lives on credit... foodwise.
And what have you been up to? :)

Me, I have been lounging and done some work.
Then some good old stay-cation and some more work. :)
Afterwards I went back to my monthly game of creating a wallpaer calendar for September.

While working on it I did notice, that I actually needed to work more on bevel, shadow and texture work.
I scanned some of my own hand stained papers to add a 'used' feel to the wallpaper. ( I stain with black tea, coffee, red & purple cabbage, etc.)
Also trying to work out a better type of cutting and blending to let items look more real.

Here it is, September 2016

Hopefully you'll like it.

We had some very hot days over here, somewhere between 30 to 38 °C (86-101 °F), which is so not typical for Northwestern Europe, and I didn't really like it.

What about you, lovelies? How was your Summer(northern hemisphere)/Winter(southern hemisphere)?
Are you waiting/wishing for some cool evenings? Colourful leaves?
Sitting in a cosy corner of your home with a book/pet on rainy days?
I would love to know!! ^_^


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Royalty free stock Image

Hello, Lovelies!

A littles less than 6 months ago I became a member at pixabay to share stock images, which I created but won't use personally none the less.

The first one was this...

royalty, free, image, PinkPanthress, Floral, Squares
( 3000 x 3000 pixel Original size )

...and it seems to be a hit, so I thought of sharing it on this blog.

If you can use it, have fun & share what you created with it.

Please credit, critic, share/link & if you like comment.


Saturday, 30 July 2016

Free August 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hey hey,

I hope you all had a good time so far... 2016 sure goes by fast.
And with a new month another Desktop Calendar is there.
This one was more 'experimenty' so to speak. :)

This time I was trying to play with scratches, different shades & fog to create a texture form 'Scratch', using different layers & layer masks, too. I wanted to recreate a stitch border, with yarn texture and gaussian blurred shadows beneath the letters & numbers. Also I created a pattern & put it on top with opacity set very low.

I hope you like it. ;)

Work & health have been a bother these months
I hope to get into blogging again around end of August or beginning of September... when it's cooler and Autumn is closer.

I hope to be more around, too, at that time.
Anything you want to say? Anything new happening? Tell me! :)


P.S.: Feel free to share... :) Also, Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Free July 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hello there,

I know it's the beginning of Summer in the Northern Heisphere, so I will try and keep it short for you all out there.
Although I am allergic to wood dust, and my skin won't get along with it.. I love, love, love creating stuff out of wood, like for example hair sticks and baord games.
I wanted to create a digital, wooden Boho-Style Table/Tray out of wood 'scraps'.

I used the clone tool, different layers & layer masks. Cutting wood digitally & the use of the grid. option. Playing with drop shadow alternatives.Also a bit of dodge & burn was used again.

I can only hope you like this one. Since it's one of my personal favourites of this Year.

Are you still reading this blog? ;)
Are you heading for a staycation or do you have something planned for this year's Summer Holidays? Like going abroad...

And if you're from the Southern Hemisphere, does it feel stupid how blogs are so Northern Centric when it comes to the topic of Seasons and the likes? :)
Tell me, tell me...


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Free June 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hello dears!

May has gone by so quickly. I am shocked to say the least.
And though I am a tad bit late, I have the June Desktop Wallpaper with me.

For this I used the clone tool, different layers & layer masks. Changing the colouring, and giving it a slightly 'canvasy' look by using & mixing different textures.
Also a bit of dodge & burn was used, where it was needed.

I wanted to give it that grainy, stark feeling of some of those old retro photos. Being bolder with the colours yet having that slighly dreamy feeling.

Well, on to the Wallpaper for June 2016.


I hope it is to your liking.

What about you?
Did May pass too fast for you, too? Anything coming up this Summer?
I would love to hear about it!


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Free May 2016 Desktop Calendar


Another Months has come and gone. It's time for the free May 2016 desktop Calendar.

I have been ill for most of this months so I was 'able', or rather had the time, to look through a few 15 year old memorabilia and I remembered my time in the UK.
This unique shop, Tiger Lily, in Oxford which used to sell penis shaped noodles and opium scented incense sticks and that lovely, old hotel in London, Regent Palace Hotel, I stayed at for some time. :3
*sighs* Good times.

I did remember two things best.
01.) After the great fire of London, the houses were built of stone. Cut stone, brick stone, etc.
02.) Everywhere you go, you have those distinctive street signs.

I used the clone tool, different layers & layer masks to change the brick stone wall partially. I wanted to see if I could change these stones, without it being visible which part was and which was not in the end.
Then creating the centre piece in the style of Street name plates from London.
I also wanted to work out a (semi-)realistic looking bevel and drop shadow for this plate.

Ok enough of my blabbering, now on to the Wallpaper for May 2016.


I hope you like it.

How's your health?
How a you, any major changes in your life?


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Free April 2016 Desktop Calendar

Greetings, Lovelies!

The 1'st Quartile of the Year has come and is about to be gone. The month April is soon knocking at our Doors. With it Spring (North) or Autumn (South) in tow.

From now on I will post the Desktop Calendar a day or two before that Month actually starts.
I feel as if that way I might actually get it to spread more on the internet. I mean, it's free. So why not try? :)

This time I thought of a Sottomano (desk pads). They're my favourite classic items on the Desk. No real writing/work space is complete without one of them.
Also, I was trying to create an unique texture out of many different textures, playing with blending modes and layer masks. This new texture in turn was used for the different pages.
I used 4 colours, for the 4'th month, 4 Seasons, 4 Elements, 4 Quarters of the year and so on.

So without further ado, the Wallpaper for April 2016.
I hope you like it.

How has the first quarter of 2016 been for you? Anything new? -I hope it was a good year so far.


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Feature 002

As I might already have mentioned, as a hobby stock-artist I have had the pleasure for the past few years of seeing people create all kind of Art with the help of my free resources, uploaded on my DeviantArt Stock Account.
After a long time I would love to post another one of these.

This deviation from a Deviant Artist has been created and submitted a few years ago. It's a surreal photomanipulation, which has elements of a floor texture in it.(*coughs* made by yours truly *coughs*).

In no way do I claim or imply to be the creator of the art displayed above.
It only has partially pieces of my free 2D & 3D downloadable stocks/resources in it.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

About a day ago it was International Women's Day

I do not want to bother you with my thoughts about the necessity of such a Day.

Though... okay I actually want to, but I won't make it long.

So long story, short...

  • I wish there was no need for such a day.
  • I wish that equality between genders was something, which came naturally.
  • I wish men wouldn't behave as if there was no inequality between the sexes to begin with.

Because there is, and as a woman I am all too aware of it on a daily base. Despite living in a modern, industrial country (of the western World).

It's a step-by-step thing... first we need feminism, then when we are at the same level we can talk about equality.

Unlike (some) men, we women don't want to oppress the other gender with every breath we take.

We make up roughly 50% of the world's population, yet we are only second class people most of the time? -Doesn't make sense to me...

With this I wish you the best...


"Humankind is made up of two sexes, women and men. Is it possible for humankind to grow by the improvement of only one part while the other part is ignored? Is it possible that if half of a mass is tied to earth with chains that the other half can soar into skies?"
 -Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March 2016 Desktop Calendar for free

So we're roughly one sixth into the year already!

I wanted to try and recreate some digital sellotape & washi tape effect.
Also I wanted this one to have that teenage vibe when you glue & tape pictures into your diary, moleskine and/or notepad. Plus some decoupage & collage effect here and there... just having fun.
I also used a better resolution in this one & hope you like it.


Feel free to share it & of course, constructive criticism is always welcome!

Have a lovely start into March all you lovelies...


P.S.: I just wanted to say thank you to everyone from my last post for their comments, it's hard when all your private & work related stuff just vanishes in such digital times... and for the shares, too!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Sporadically III

Still trying to salvage my stuff from the old hard drive... and gloriously failing at it...

I thought an instagram post about an abandoned Pre L.O.T.R. Era Hobbit house would be interesting...
It's near our House & I imagine little Karakoncolos coming out through a tiny, magical mini gate at one
of its 4 sides, whenever it's time for them to carry out some mischief.

I wish you a lovely weekend...

Monday, 1 February 2016

Desktop Calendar for February 2016 & such...

For the past 2 weeks I was without a Computer and only went online by smartphone because my hard drive died. :( -Which means everything's gone for now... yayz!

Fortunately I had the first Version of the Month February for my little Project on my old USB-Stick, so I just went with that...
The free Wallpaper, 1600x1200, Desktop Calendar. Hope you like it. ;)


Well, what a start into the new year that was, a real Tabula Rasa... nothing to work with... I hope we can recover the Data in some way from te hard drive... wish me Luck. ;)

How was your first Month of the Year?
What's your prognosis... is 2016 going to be a good or bad ear? :D


P.S.: Feel free to share this Desktop Calendar on the Net...

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tumblr Tuesday XXIX

Today I was saddened once again by the bigotry, which religions & cultures might bring forth...  when Paris was devastated by Terrorism not too long ago, people in the Western world were changing their FB & Twitter pictures to show their solidarity in no time.
Today Istanbul was the second turkish City to be hit by Terrorism, after Ankara, in 3 Months... only few non-Turks & non-Muslims made posts on social media, journalists not counting.
So today I would like to share a few lovely images of my mother's motherland... which is on a Planet we all share, no matter where we are from or what we look like!
(Links are below each of the images, should you fancy to Like them on Tumblr & for Crediting of course.)

I only wanted to focus on the beautiful places... and not the high skyscrapers & modern places.
Peace at Home, Peace in the World...


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Desktop Calendar for January 2016 & 3 easy to keep NYE Resolution

I hope you all had a lovely start to the New Year... We had a silent, serene evening & a late Midnight Dinner.
I know I wasn't going to blog until next week, but forgive me this quick Intermezzo for it will end in a Freebie for those whom wish to have their share.

I wanted to share a new 'Project', which I started f the New Year so as to get into some texture and layering work again.
It's a free Wallpaper 1600x1200, Desktop Calendar for the first Month of 2016. Starting of course with January... I hope you like it...


This Year we will have 366 Days to mess up our Lives... let's try to do the Best we can. :) It's Tabula Rasa so stay positive!

I for example have only 3 New Year's Resolutions, which are fairly easy to keep, in my humble opinion. :)
01. Dig out our Panini Maker & use it again, and at that as often as I can.
02. Give way less F*cks about how others might perceive me or the things I do.
03. Enjoy more of the simpler things in life.

What about you? How as your NYE?
Is the size & ratio of that Desktop Calendar okay?
And what are your new Resolutions starting 2016?

'See' you soon, Lovelies!

P.S.: Feel free to share this Desktop Calendar on the Net :D

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