Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tumblr Tuesday XXIX

Today I was saddened once again by the bigotry, which religions & cultures might bring forth...  when Paris was devastated by Terrorism not too long ago, people in the Western world were changing their FB & Twitter pictures to show their solidarity in no time.
Today Istanbul was the second turkish City to be hit by Terrorism, after Ankara, in 3 Months... only few non-Turks & non-Muslims made posts on social media, journalists not counting.
So today I would like to share a few lovely images of my mother's motherland... which is on a Planet we all share, no matter where we are from or what we look like!
(Links are below each of the images, should you fancy to Like them on Tumblr & for Crediting of course.)

I only wanted to focus on the beautiful places... and not the high skyscrapers & modern places.
Peace at Home, Peace in the World...


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Desktop Calendar for January 2016 & 3 easy to keep NYE Resolution

I hope you all had a lovely start to the New Year... We had a silent, serene evening & a late Midnight Dinner.
I know I wasn't going to blog until next week, but forgive me this quick Intermezzo for it will end in a Freebie for those whom wish to have their share.

I wanted to share a new 'Project', which I started f the New Year so as to get into some texture and layering work again.
It's a free Wallpaper 1600x1200, Desktop Calendar for the first Month of 2016. Starting of course with January... I hope you like it...


This Year we will have 366 Days to mess up our Lives... let's try to do the Best we can. :) It's Tabula Rasa so stay positive!

I for example have only 3 New Year's Resolutions, which are fairly easy to keep, in my humble opinion. :)
01. Dig out our Panini Maker & use it again, and at that as often as I can.
02. Give way less F*cks about how others might perceive me or the things I do.
03. Enjoy more of the simpler things in life.

What about you? How as your NYE?
Is the size & ratio of that Desktop Calendar okay?
And what are your new Resolutions starting 2016?

'See' you soon, Lovelies!

P.S.: Feel free to share this Desktop Calendar on the Net :D

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