Thursday, 24 March 2016

Feature 002

As I might already have mentioned, as a hobby stock-artist I have had the pleasure for the past few years of seeing people create all kind of Art with the help of my free resources, uploaded on my DeviantArt Stock Account.
After a long time I would love to post another one of these.

This deviation from a Deviant Artist has been created and submitted a few years ago. It's a surreal photomanipulation, which has elements of a floor texture in it.(*coughs* made by yours truly *coughs*).

In no way do I claim or imply to be the creator of the art displayed above.
It only has partially pieces of my free 2D & 3D downloadable stocks/resources in it.


  1. This is interesting... I do like the sun... it look very detailed... xox

  2. I must admit I'm not much of an art enthusiast, but I do appreciate people that create and or share art like you.
    I like both art items in your post. The first one is a funny display of an indeed strange world, dominated by the Sun. The saxophone is a lovely, noble instrument which adds a bit of fine quality to this world. The second item - combination of practicality /hardness (stone)with a light copper color- rendering a very nice floor pattern.


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