Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March 2016 Desktop Calendar for free

So we're roughly one sixth into the year already!

I wanted to try and recreate some digital sellotape & washi tape effect.
Also I wanted this one to have that teenage vibe when you glue & tape pictures into your diary, moleskine and/or notepad. Plus some decoupage & collage effect here and there... just having fun.
I also used a better resolution in this one & hope you like it.


Feel free to share it & of course, constructive criticism is always welcome!

Have a lovely start into March all you lovelies...


P.S.: I just wanted to say thank you to everyone from my last post for their comments, it's hard when all your private & work related stuff just vanishes in such digital times... and for the shares, too!


  1. Nokta, this is a cute idea, I remember doing things like this for projects I created in high school... My oldest daughter did a vision board for me a few years ago and she used the same concept xox

  2. No good news? So sorry dear, hope you will find a way to find in other places all your projects.

  3. March is a month with many celebrations: 8 march - Woman's Day, 15 march - Consummer's Day etc...Perhaps you can mark these days on the calendar itself, not separately.
    Anyway, your project looks lovely.

  4. super sympas, j'Adore !

    Kiss, Léa


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