Thursday, 10 March 2016

About a day ago it was International Women's Day

I do not want to bother you with my thoughts about the necessity of such a Day.

Though... okay I actually want to, but I won't make it long.

So long story, short...

  • I wish there was no need for such a day.
  • I wish that equality between genders was something, which came naturally.
  • I wish men wouldn't behave as if there was no inequality between the sexes to begin with.

Because there is, and as a woman I am all too aware of it on a daily base. Despite living in a modern, industrial country (of the western World).

It's a step-by-step thing... first we need feminism, then when we are at the same level we can talk about equality.

Unlike (some) men, we women don't want to oppress the other gender with every breath we take.

We make up roughly 50% of the world's population, yet we are only second class people most of the time? -Doesn't make sense to me...

With this I wish you the best...


"Humankind is made up of two sexes, women and men. Is it possible for humankind to grow by the improvement of only one part while the other part is ignored? Is it possible that if half of a mass is tied to earth with chains that the other half can soar into skies?"
 -Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


  1. I totally agree with your views on feminism and equality, Nokta. I wish the world would be a better and safer place for us women.
    Interesting pictures, representing various types of women: career woman, bohemian woman, working woman, abused woman!

  2. I agree with you Nokta, I don't understand why we are not considered more equal as we should be. It frustrates me so much how we as women are considered to be second class citizens... It is better in Canada but it should be better through out the world xox

  3. Sehr schöner Post! Ich lese gerade "Die Hälfte des Himmels".

    Sonnige Grüße zu dir, Nesrin



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