Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Free July 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hello there,

I know it's the beginning of Summer in the Northern Heisphere, so I will try and keep it short for you all out there.
Although I am allergic to wood dust, and my skin won't get along with it.. I love, love, love creating stuff out of wood, like for example hair sticks and baord games.
I wanted to create a digital, wooden Boho-Style Table/Tray out of wood 'scraps'.

I used the clone tool, different layers & layer masks. Cutting wood digitally & the use of the grid. option. Playing with drop shadow alternatives.Also a bit of dodge & burn was used again.

I can only hope you like this one. Since it's one of my personal favourites of this Year.

Are you still reading this blog? ;)
Are you heading for a staycation or do you have something planned for this year's Summer Holidays? Like going abroad...

And if you're from the Southern Hemisphere, does it feel stupid how blogs are so Northern Centric when it comes to the topic of Seasons and the likes? :)
Tell me, tell me...


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!


  1. Nokta, I am still reading :) ... July is my birthday month, this calendar is very nice... I can see you put a great deal of work into it.. xox

    It's summer here and I have to say I am quite happy about it... I just need to start getting out and enjoying it more.. they are so short in my area xox

  2. Charming calendar! You're right it's your best this year.
    "Are you still reading this blog" you ask. Well, you're scarcely writing anything.

    I would like to go somewhere this summer, but I wish to loose some weight before that, and it's not easy.

  3. Hello. Your creative sense is graceful.
    The best compliment.

    Thanks for always visiting.
    Greetings from Japan. ruma


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