Saturday, 30 July 2016

Free August 2016 Desktop Calendar

Hey hey,

I hope you all had a good time so far... 2016 sure goes by fast.
And with a new month another Desktop Calendar is there.
This one was more 'experimenty' so to speak. :)

This time I was trying to play with scratches, different shades & fog to create a texture form 'Scratch', using different layers & layer masks, too. I wanted to recreate a stitch border, with yarn texture and gaussian blurred shadows beneath the letters & numbers. Also I created a pattern & put it on top with opacity set very low.

I hope you like it. ;)

Work & health have been a bother these months
I hope to get into blogging again around end of August or beginning of September... when it's cooler and Autumn is closer.

I hope to be more around, too, at that time.
Anything you want to say? Anything new happening? Tell me! :)


P.S.: Feel free to share... :) Also, Constructive criticism is always welcome!


  1. Indeed, 2016 goes fast. Only five more months till the end of the year.
    I like the green background you chose for your august calendar; the calendar itself looks lovely and very well placed. Anyway, you sound a professional and you know how to get to the optimal shape.
    Your returning to blogging soon, is wonderful news. If, as you say, work and health bother you (hope nothing serious), blogging will be like a form of therapy for you. It is for me.

  2. Time does fly by way to fast... I am happy to hear you will be back to blogging more when you are ready... xox... The calendar is great as usual... very nice xox

  3. Time goes by too fast. I wish it was June still :(


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