Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Free September 2016 Desktop Calendar


so it's 2/3 of the Year 2016 gone, hm?
Summer's end is nigh, at least meteorologically speaking.
The whole World lives on credit... foodwise.
And what have you been up to? :)

Me, I have been lounging and done some work.
Then some good old stay-cation and some more work. :)
Afterwards I went back to my monthly game of creating a wallpaer calendar for September.

While working on it I did notice, that I actually needed to work more on bevel, shadow and texture work.
I scanned some of my own hand stained papers to add a 'used' feel to the wallpaper. ( I stain with black tea, coffee, red & purple cabbage, etc.)
Also trying to work out a better type of cutting and blending to let items look more real.

Here it is, September 2016

Hopefully you'll like it.

We had some very hot days over here, somewhere between 30 to 38 °C (86-101 °F), which is so not typical for Northwestern Europe, and I didn't really like it.

What about you, lovelies? How was your Summer(northern hemisphere)/Winter(southern hemisphere)?
Are you waiting/wishing for some cool evenings? Colourful leaves?
Sitting in a cosy corner of your home with a book/pet on rainy days?
I would love to know!! ^_^


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!


  1. Nokta, the calendar turned out really good xox

    I am one of the people who loves summer, heat and all... I do love the fall, it is just that I despise the winter, it is too cold, too long and I have a difficult time traveling in in... Hopefully I will be set up to work from home before the first snowfall hits and then I won't mind it so much xox

  2. I hope for good weather until november, I enjoyed summer, the mountains was my escape!
    best wishes xo

  3. It seems you like to work. With the calendars you do a professional job: the staining, scanning. cutting, blending make the calendar a successful, practical item.
    As for me,I've just come back from Crete. It was a short but nice vacation.


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