Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Royalty free stock Image

Hello, Lovelies!

A littles less than 6 months ago I became a member at pixabay to share stock images, which I created but won't use personally none the less.

The first one was this...

royalty, free, image, PinkPanthress, Floral, Squares
( 3000 x 3000 pixel Original size )

...and it seems to be a hit, so I thought of sharing it on this blog.

If you can use it, have fun & share what you created with it.

Please credit, critic, share/link & if you like comment.



  1. How are you Nokia? I hope you're doing well ♡ This is a gray color, I like this color... it reminds me of the upcoming fall xox


  2. Congratulations on your membership!
    I have no artistic inclinations like you do; I just like beautiful images and you always present beautiful images in your posts.
    I can see why this image is a hit. Its somewhat cherry background blends perfectly with the very delicate inner pattern.

  3. I know you can make some money with this kind of work, you are passionate and talented.


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