Monday, 31 October 2016

Free November 2016 Desktop Wallpaper Download


So, 5/6 of the Year gone and by now we all know that 2016 isn't what we thought it would be...

So let's make this short and sweet!
November Desktop Calendar. Simple, weird & with pale, fading colours. :)

I wanted to try my hand at a (semi-)pastel piece. With blurred lines between the colours.
I used the Secondary Colours.
Then I created a Polka Dot pattern, which I gave a old paper Texture.
I tried to make it simple & not too warm.
I hope you like it.

But I also hope, that this weird Year ends fast...

Sorry, for being absent... :(


P.S.: Feel free to share this Calendar. And don't forget, Constructive criticism and comments in general are always welcome!


  1. I like the calendar... it has a great look about it with the blurring... xox

    I too am looking forward to 2016 being over, this has been a very tough year... I am hoping 2017 brings good change and somehow some hope ... xox

  2. Cool post, that is a pretty calendar!! Thanks for sharing! <3 -

  3. I like the pastel colors of your November calendar. Well, surprise us now with the calendar of the last month of 2016, the one which marks the end of the year.Good or bad, it's over.


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